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What to Say when you’re fighting the fash

It can be hard to think of what to say when you’re all fired up, fighting the fash. Sometimes I’ll be winning an argument with a disgusting Nazi when all of a sudden, the reason that I am correct and they are abhorrent slips my powerful mind. It’s an embarassing moment, and has the unfortunate effect sometimes of making the racist scum think they’ve won. 

Here are some go-to phrases when you’re out in the heat of battle.

“Fuck you, fascist / Fuck you, Nazi”

Use these phrases at literally any time, literally anywhere. If you feel that sickening tremble in your belly that tells you a Nazi is near, shout it to the sky. Let your opposition be known. When they see your powerful stance, their goose-steps will falter as they quake in fear.

“You’re demonstrating your internalized misogyny”

This is an excellent quote to call to memory when you are certain your opponent in argument is wrong, but you can’t quite articulate why. There is a 93% chance that they are, in that moment, demonstrating internalized misogyny. So just say that. 

“Say you want a red pill, how about a lead pill”

This is a fun and festive chant to bring to the perimiter of any Alt-right party. Nothing shows your moral superiority better than standing outside their extravagant cracker-and-cheese gatherings, shrieking your opposition by literally threatening murder.

“That’s a highly problematic statement.”

Bring this quote out whenever you feel confused. The beauty is that you sound very intelligent, but are under no obligation to solve the problem within their statement. Simply sift through the words they’ve used, and bring out literally anything you can take issue with. This will keep you in the high ground for at least several more minutes while you figure out how to demolish the fascist propoganda they are trying to erect. 

“So you’re saying that you think women deserve to be raped?”

Say this whenever anyone questions or challenges feminism. It is unassailably true that the feminist movement stands against the centuries-long rape and torture of women– anyone who questions feminism is clearly a supporter of rape. Make them face this reality, and in doing so, learn to hate themselves.