Wednesday Night Live

with the FigWiggy live cartoons. 

Every Wednesday night, the FigWiggy authors get together for a extravaganza of live cartoons, and celebrate the last week of content-creation. 

Making an account to chat is incredibly easy– just make a username, and start interacting. You don’t even need an email address.  Send these little toons a tip if you enjoy what they do, and most importantly– sit back and relax! It’s your time to be entertained. 

Top 5 Suicide Cliffs

It can be hard to find just the right place to kill yourself. The location must have a combination of factors rendering it the perfect place to end your miserable life. I’m going to share a few of my best ideas.

Wednesday Night Live With @HarperTheFox

An episode of Wednesday Night Live, hosted by the brilliant and beautiful @HarperTheFox. She definitely didn’t write this post excerpt, despite the fact that she is a brilliant writer and unicorn of a human being.


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