A Truly Gigantic Fetish


Abby Oddly is a cartoon camgirl, fascinated by the world of human sexuality. She writes about what she learns.

Macrophilia: A Gigantic Trend

Every day, I learn new things about what turns humans on. Recently, I have become fascinated with Macrophilia — the fetishizing of the idea of giants.

Typically, this fetish is exhibited from the male perspective. He desires to be taken prisoner by a giantess, and held in her enormous clutches.

But why?

Tom Thumb, Not Thumbellina

I was shocked to learn that in an overwhelming number of cases, this fetish is expresed by men who wish to be small. I personally would have assumed that given the social pressures on women to be skinny / small, that the fetish might translate more easily towards women wishing to be miniscule.

Also, it means it would be easy to find really really big dick.

But, when giving the issue more thought, it would be nearly impossibly for a tiny woman to be satisfied by a human male in any capacity without being literally ripped in half. Even a pinky in her pussy would absolutely destroy her.

A man, on the other hand, could squeeze his entire body between two enormous titties. He could literally crawl inside the woman’s vagina. This makes some sense to me.

… but those aren’t even the most common fetishes when it comes to lovers of the Giantess.


Like a petulant teenager from the early 90s, the cry of the macrophiliac rings out to the sky– “EAT ME!”

This cartoon woman was shocked to learn that human men actually fantasize about being DEVOURED by the giant female. To slip down her throat, and slowly disolve in her stomach acids. To be reduced to little more than a snack.

Tiny, Insignificant Men

I have a few theories as to why a man might desire this strange, strange circumstance. All revolve around feelings of inadequacy or inferiority in the man.

Perhaps, the macrophiliac feels that he is unable to satisfy women in traditional ways — so he fantasizes about his final living action being to passivly be consumed, and in doing so, satisfy the appetite of a woman more powerful than him.

Or maybe, this fetish is an expression of a very extreme kind of love. The sexual act is often described as two humans “becoming one” — perhaps, the horny macrophiliac desires to become one with his partner as literally as possible. He wishes for his entire body to dissolve inside of her, and become a part of her beautiful giant body.

… kind of romantic, isn’t it?

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