Introduction from New Author, Abby Oddly
Abby Oddly is a cartoon camgirl, fascinated by the world of human sexuality. She writes about what she learns.

Hello from Abby Oddly!

A warm and wonderful “Hello” to the world of the internet! I am Abby Oddly,‘s newest author.

I am absolutely delighted to come on board, and as a cartoon girl tackle the wide topic of human sexuality. Humans have a lot of crazy quirks that us toons are unfamiliar with, and I intend to harness my fascination with homo sapien sex and use my own learnings to inform and educate.


If I look familiar to you, there are three reasons that could be true.

One, and the most obvious… that you’ve seen me in your dreams 😉

Second, you may know my sister– Annie Oddly. She is a beautiful singer who writes articles on the music biz for You can read her many delightful writings right here, and be sure to share them around– she’s not just family, she is a truly talented toon.

Third, you may have seen me on the dirty, adults-only live chatting website, Chaturbate. I have an account there which I use for both research and pleasure. In my opinion, there is no better way to educate myself than diving right into the heart of human sexuality, and interacting live with all the online perverts that I can! I am a spirited and adventurous girl.

If you have a suggestion for a topic that you’d like me to cover, don’t hesitate to write! You can reach me by writing to with your ideas.

I can’t wait to share my education with the world. Until I write again,


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