Oedipussy Pounding: Human Parental Attraction
Abby Oddly is a cartoon camgirl, fascinated by the world of human sexuality. She writes about what she learns.

Oedipussy Pounding: a human Phenomenon

Are humans currently living through a Greek Tragedy, or is this simply real life?

The tale by Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, tells of a young man who accidentally fulfills a prophecy that he will kill his father and marry his mother, bringing disaster to his kingdom. This work has become a classic because of the visceral tragedy and disgust of such a prophecy coming true.

But apparently, modern humans read that story and think, “Oh, that’s hot.”

A Mother-Fucking Phenomenon

It has recently become possible to track live searches for porn by real people using sites like PornMD. Among all the searches for teens, threesomes, blondes, big boobs, and cartoons, with shocking consistency, the number one searched for category is mothers fucking their sons.

In most biological settings, such an idea is utterly abhorrent. The genetic ramifications of such an act are severe, often causing terrible mutations in the offspring of such a pair. Yet, the bipedal primates which dominate Earth just can’t get enough of mommy’s sweet snatch.

More Questions Than Answers

Shockingly little data is available regarding the “why” behind this strange fetish. I have a number of questions for which there are few answers.

First, are human males attracted to their own mothers? Or do they simply enjoy the act of watching someone else fuck his mother?

Is this a search term based in genuine lust and sexual attraction, or do men simply feel better about themselves while watching someone else bang their own mom?

My Oedipussy Pounding Theory

In light of all the questions, I feel compelled to search for an answer.

Many have tried to answer this quandry. Some theorize that men are fantasizing over a primal urge to return to the womb. Others believe that since men are likely to desire women who are similar to their mothers, that some just get right to the point and think about banging mama.

I have a different theory. It seems clear that humans have a much better reason for this strange prediliction.

The deepest biological drive which any creature possesses is to stay alive. After carful observation, and seeing the vigor with which men pursue mommy / son porn, I theorize that humans believe there is a secret elixer in the vaginas of their own mothers which will grant them eternal life. By returning to the vagina from whence they came, and securing its juices, they may find immortality.

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