Top 5 “Pound-Me-In-The-Pussy” Eyeshadows
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Eyeshadows: a Fantastic Way to Communicate what You Want in Bed!

Every choice you make in decorating your own body says something about you. The clothes you choose convey status and personality, the lipstick you choose conveys attitude– everything you wear communicates something.

Today I will be discussing how your eyeshadow choice influences the way your mates pound your pussy.

How do you want to get pounded in the pussy? Let your eyeshadow do the talking!

Sunshine Yellow – Fuck me Against a Tree!

This eyeshadow says: “Take me as we walk through a sunny meadow! Push me to my knees and push my face into the bark of a tree, as you slide your pants down and pound my pussy like a renegade forest nymph! Beat my naughty bottom with nearby fallen sticks and cover my pretty dress with mud.”

Ruby Coral – Pamper me like a princess!

This eyeshadow says: “I am a lady, and I deserve to be pounded like one! Carry me into the room of a hotel which costs thousands a night. Lay me down in a bed of rose petals, plucked fresh that day. Lick me before you pound me into oblivion, and don’t you dare get a drop of semen on my clothes.”

Multi-colored Rainbow – Time for Roleplay

This eyeshadow says: “I am one crazy bitch. It’s time to get wacko. Tell me I’m your naughty birthday clown as you beat me across the tits with a kitchen spatula. I will scream your new name — Count Fucksalot — as you alternate between pounding my pussy and slapping me in the ear with your erect cock. Give it to me, Fucksalot! Do the Deeeewwww!”

Rose Blush – I’ll Call You Daddy

This eyeshadow says: “Pet my hair and tell me I’m a good girl! Worship my innocence and charm as we enjoy a charming date at a lovely museum. Then drag me into the mens room, pull down my panties in the handicapped stall, and pound me in the pussy til I call you daddy!”

Fire Engine Red – Do me in the butt

This eyeshadow says: “On first glance, you may think I want you in my pussy… but no. I’m a powerful woman, and I know what I want. And what I desire is un-lubed dick, straight in my butthole. Make me scream, cocksmith supreme!”

And that, my dears, is what your eyeshadow communicates to men!

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