The Fastest Quick-Fix for Supreme Beauty

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Fastest Ever beauty quick-tip!

We all know some of the basics of beauty: wear flattering clothing, adorn yourself with accessories, and accentuate your best features with makeup.

But there’s something even simpler than all that which many young women neglect, and is the single fastest way to make yourself appear beautiful to the object of your desires.

The fastest way to appear gorgeous:

Women always appear more beautiful to men when the man is under the imperssion that she might offer him sexual favors. You could be wearing the same pair of sweatpants for days straight with four gigantic zits on your face, but if a man thinks you’re going to offer him great sex, you will look like a cover-model in his eyes.

So, if you want to look gorgeous, offer them men around you an awesome, sloppy blowjob at an arbitrary future date.

Make it sound amazing, and make it sound like you definitely want to do it. But, unless you actually want to blow the guy, make no firm plans. String this out for as long as possible– I have literally left men on the hook for YEARS at a time. There is no more hopeful or naiive creature on the planet than a horny man.

So, offer him hope! Let him believe that you are the magical unicorn who is going to offer his cock pleasure like never before. Before you know it, he will be treating you like the mythically gorgeous princesses of fairy tales.

And that, my dears, is the fastest way to look gorgeous to men!

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